Compare Activity Trackers/Fitness Bands

Compare Activity Trackers

Compare Activity Trackers

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Activity Trackers, also known as Fitness Trackers, are just becoming a legitimate means with which to track one’s exercise regiment or daily calorie burn through basic movement. The emerging wearable computing market, in the form of smartwatches and smart glasses, has proven to developers and manufacturers that consumers are seeking to make biometric monitoring and tracking even more convenient than it already is. Fitness technology aficionados no longer want to be tethered to computer databases or web browsers for simple activity tracking, but prefer enhanced intelligent accessories that automatically monitor and upload biometric data to the proverbial cloud for future review and analysis. We want cutting edge tech, but we don’t want to be encumbered by it and we don’t want to waste time offloading data from our wearable sensors. Therefore, activity trackers are becoming popular devices for seamlessly capturing distributing exercise related data without being intrusive.

This page is intended to provide a comprehensive list of activity trackers that are currently in development, that are currently available, and that have entered End of Life (EOL). Links to articles and reviews are also provided for your convenience. If you are aware of any activity trackers that are not currently on this list, please contact us and we will be sure include them.

What is an activity tracker/fitness band?

An activity tracker, or fitness band, is a wearable computing device typically in the form of a fitness band that contains biometric and/or motion sensors. Early activity trackers had limited functionality and were generally limited to performing electronic pedometers. Modern devices typically contain enhanced biometric sensors enabled to monitor and store heart rate, galvanic skin response, skin temperature, heat flux, sleep patterns, and movement employing high precision 3-axis accelerometers. As components continue to shrink, the potential for what can be squeezed into these wrist-borne wearable computing devices is limitless.

Activity Trackers/Fitness Bands In Development
Manufacturer/ModelPriceArticlesBuy Online
Adidas miCoach Smart RunAdidas miCoach Smart Run$399Adidas miCoach Smart Run Announced
Airo Health TrackerAiro Health TrackerUnknown
Alcatel Boom BandAlcatel Boom BandUnknown
Amiigo Activity TrackerAmiigo Activity Tracker$119Amiigo Activity Trackers Coming
Angel Activity TrackerAngel Activity TrackerUnknown
Archos Activity TrackerArchos Activity TrackerUnknown
Atlas Fitness TrackerAtlas Fitness Tracker$225
ERI Fitness TrackerERI Fitness Tracker$99
Garmin VivofitGarmin Vivofit$129
i4C Innovations Voycei4C Innovations Voyce$299
Jaybird ReignJaybird ReignUnknown
LG Lifeband TouchLG Lifeband TouchUnknown
MIO LinkMIO Link$99
Movea G-SeriesMovea G-SeriesUnknown
Netatmo June UV SensorNetatmo June UV SensorUnknown
LIT Activity TrackerNZN Labs LIT$129
Push Activity TrackerPush Activity Tracker$149
Razer Nabu SmartbandRazer Nabu SmartbandUnknown
Sony Core Activity TrackerSony Core Activity Tracker$129


Activity Trackers/Fitness Bands Currently Shipping
Manufacturer/ModelPriceArticlesBuy Online
Basis B1 Health TrackerBasis Health Tracker$179Amazon
Basis Carbon Steel EditionBasis Carbon Steel Edition$199Amazon
BodyMedia Fit CoreBodyMedia Fit Core$99Amazon
Bowflex Boost Activity TrackerBowflex Boost Activity Tracker$49Amazon
Fitbit FlexFitbit Flex$99Amazon
Fitbit Force Activity TrackerFitbit Force$129Amazon
Fitbug OrbFitbug Orb$49Amazon
Garmin Forerunner 910XTGarmin Forerunner 910XT$399Amazon
iHealth Activity TrackeriHealth Activity Tracker$59Amazon
Jawbone UPJawbone UP$129Amazon
Jawbone UP24Jawbone UP24$149Amazon
LifeTrak Zone C410LifeTrak Zone C410$99Amazon
Magellan EchoMagellan Echo$149Amazon
MIO Alpha Heart Rate MonitorMIO Alpha Heart Rate Monitor$199Amazon
Misfit ShineMisfit Shine$99Amazon
Movable MOVbandMovable MOVband$29
Nike+ Fuelband SENike+ Fuelband SE$149Amazon
Phyode Wellness TrackerPhyode Wellness Tracker$169Amazon
Polar Loop Activity TrackerPolar Loop$109Amazon
Spree Fitness MonitorSpree Fitness Monitor$299Amazon
Withings Pulse Activity TrackerWithings Pulse$299Amazon


Activity Trackers/Fitness Bands No Longer Shipping
Manufacturer/ModelPriceArticlesBuy Online
Nike FuelbandNike Fuelband$149Nike Fuelband Exercise Tracking WatchAmazon

Top 5 Activity Trackers of 2014

Would you like to see what we believe are the Top 5 Activity Trackers/Fitness Bands currently available? Make the jump and let us know which are your favorite.